About Us
The Ergani Centre was established in 1991 after receiving funds from the EU Initiative, Employment NOW. The Centre is the outcome of a mixture of ideas from a number of organizations and authorities of Northern Greece, all focusing on enhancing female participation in the workforce and on eliminating factors that lead to women’s exclusion from the labour market. The name we have chosen for the centre, “ERGANI”, is an adjective attributed to the Goddess Athena by the Ancient Greeks in honour of the Goddess’s diligence and creative ability, features that best summarize the services, for which the Centre was established.

The Ergani Centre supports women who aspire
  • to enter or reenter labour market
  • to improve their working position
  • to create or improve their own business
  • to start up a women’s cooperative of improve an existing one
  • to familiarize themselves with modern technology and use it

The Ergani Center participates in national and transnational networks and creates or/and cooperates with other recourse centers. We provide counseling services on employment and business issues to unemployed, men and women, and to members from vulnerable social groups, in the framework of special funding programmes. Furthermore, we create educational packages and conduct researches on issues related to women’s employment and entrepreneurship, the results of which are diffused in local, regional, national and European level.

The basic principles underlying the Centre’s operations have not been altered since its establishment and constitute the core of its successful course throughout the years:
  • Every beneficiary is a unique case for the Centre
  • The priorities and particular characteristics of every beneficiary are treated with the utmost respect
  • The relationship between the beneficiaries and the advisors is equal at all levels
  • The counselling process is proactive and participatory

The Ergani Centre Partnership
  • Municipality of Sykies (www.sykies.gr)
  • Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece (www.seve.gr)
  • Centre for Vocational Training of SEVE-SBBE-TIF (www.kekssd.gr)
  • The Network of Women Entrepreneurs of Ergani Centre
  • Anatoliki SA, Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki (www.anatoliki.gr)
  • Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (www.teithe.gr)
  • University of Western Macedonia (www.uowm.gr)