Beneficiaries interviews in the framework of Eliemental project
Beneficiaries interviews in the framework of Eliemental project

On the 6th of November, 2013, a workshop took place in the frame of Applied Research, where 2nd & 3rd level Psychology students from City college, the International Faculty of Sheffield University, were trained in conducting an interview. Theory and practice (i.e. role-playing) were included. The project's activities and goals were communicated throughout the workshop, to the 16 students who were trained. Shortly after that, on the 22nd of November, 2013, the interviews with 10 participants from our target population (unemployed women aged 40+) were completed at the ERGANI center. After completion of the interviews, we were very happy to hear that the participants were very interested in getting involved in the project!

Following this successful activity, on the 25th of November, was the recruitment of the co-researchers of our project from our target population from ERGANI. According to them, the reasons they were interested in getting involved in the project were the following: Firstly, what they had done so far in the ERGANI Center had provided them with benefits and knowledge; hence they believed that their involvement with the project will help them to improve their entrepreneurial skills and learn even more things that will help them later in their course in starting their own business. Secondly, thinking that their views and actions can help other women create their own business was a great motive! Finally, they agreed to participate as an action of reciprocity towards the ERGANI Center: Because they believe that they have been helped in the past by ERGANI, they felt that their participation is a chance to give something back to the Center!

We thank all of them, students, participants and co-researchers, for their enthusiasm and willingness to support us in our effort to engage, encourage and empower our stakeholders to acquire life-changing skills that can lead to social and economic independence through entrepreneurial pursuits.

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Source: Ergani Center