City vegetable garden- 2 nd Invitation to potential beneficiaries
City vegetable garden- 2 nd Invitation to potential beneficiaries

Ergani Center and the Municipality of Neapoli - Sykies of the project entitled “Social Structures of direct confrontation of poverty” invite potential beneficiaries in order to express interest for their participation to the structure of City vegetable garden. This work has been approved by the General Secretariat of Community and other resources of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Provision in in the frame of Operational Plan “Development of Manpower”, which is financed both by Greek Government and the European Union. 



This is about the structure that fulfill the actions and benefits of the social common meal and the social grocery, having as a target the nutritional adequacy of our fellows that are in a troublous position due to the financial crisis.


Because of the outset of the third city vegetable garden in Papandreou avenue (just before the exit to the ring road) and the renewal of the crops to the other two city vegetable gardens in Eirinis 19 road, Peuka and to the Vitsi road in Sykies, they invent potential beneficiaries to express their interest for the cultivation of  little gardens. To every benefiter/citizen will be offered a little garden of 50m 2 in order to cultivate vegetables that are going to cover the nutrition needs of the family. The cultivation is going to be made only with biological products.


The beneficiaries of the city vegetable garden will be mainly unemployed people. Priority will be given to people that are:

  • Without social security, with very low annual income.
  • People that have an indigent booklet.
  • Long unemployed people over 45 years.
  • Members of families that face multiple unemployment.
  • Unemployed, members of having many children families.
  • Unemployed, member of families that support disabled people.
  • People with very low income (the financial conditions that follow the specifications which are in power and are for the justification of indigence from the Management of social providence  and all these are: for one person, the income limit is 6.000€, for every additional person is added the amount of 1.200€ and is abstracted the house rent)


The candidates together with the application will have to adduce the following documents:

  1. Photocopies of the official ID card or passport.
  2. Photocopy of the unemployment card.
  3. Confirmation of the permanent house from the municipality or confirmation of registration to the registrar centre or electricity bill or a phone bill.
  4. Stamped copy of the pay check, year 2012.
  5. Official declaration of the law 1599/86, for the participation in the programme of only one promoter.
  6. Recent certificate of marital status.
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Source: Ergani Center