1st Newsletter of Eliemental project
1st Newsletter of Eliemental project

Recently, has been published the first newsletter concerning the project “Eliemental”, which is implemented by Ergani Center at the frame of Leonardo Da Vinci programme. To the whole project are participating partners and universities from United Kingdom, Romania and Poland. More specifically, the participants of the project are:


·       The university of  Valahia   of   Targoviste , Romania (lead partner)

·       The university of Lancaster, Great Britain

·       The research center of  of the Southeast Europe, (SEERC), Greece

·       The Management Department of the university of Lodz, Poland

·       Tameside college, Great Britain

·       The Net of National minorities, East area, (Menter), Cambridge, Great Britain

·       The Business Group company of  Salford, Great Britain


The project is concerning the promotion of vulnerable groups like, gypsies, long term unemployed  women over 45 years old to entrepreneurship in the framework of a specialized programme of mentoring and guidance.    


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Source: Ergani Center