Entrepreneurship Service
This Service supports women who are contemplating the creation of their own business and also active businesswomen who seek the redesigning and further development of their company. Candidate entrepreneurs are supported in clarifying their business idea, in step-by-step guidance on how to establish a company and in exploring funding opportunities for the future sustainability of the company. In the case of already active businesspeople, counselling is offered concerning issues of special interest to entrepreneurs (advertising, marketing, customer relations) and the interested parties are assisted in identifying and solving problems with their company’s administration and in deciding the best plan for future development.

Partial Services

  • Business counseling by experts on business planning and operation (available in individual or group counseling). Counseling is offered on all topics of interest to potential entrepreneurs (formulation of business ideas, business plan design, legal issues on the launching of a business, marketing and finance, human resource management, public relations and networking).
  • Flexible training: candidate entrepreneurs in groups of 15-20 people are trained by a specialised trainer on the theoretical and practical aspects of establishing a business and have the opportunity to share their questions and ideas with the rest of the group. The basic criterion for participating in this kind of training is the existence of a clear business idea even at an initial stage, from which topics for discussion originate.
  • Membership to the Network of Women Entrepreneurs of the Ergani Centre (including the organization of publicity events aiming at the creation of networking opportunities and opportunities for cooperation).