Psychosocial Support Service
The Service aims at assisting the beneficiaries of the Centre – unemployed, potential and current entrepreneurs- in resolving personal problems within their immediate family, social and professional environment. This is possible through the empowerment of women, the boosting of their confidence and the improvement of their life circumstances according to their specific needs. The Psychosocial support Service is complementary to the Employment, Entrepreneurship and Legal Counseling Services.

The service is provided by psychologists through information, counselling and networking with mental health specialists. The Service is offered at an individual or group basis according to the special needs of the beneficiary. At a personal level, beneficiaries aim at strengthening themselves through the development of skills for managing crises, better self-awareness, developing professional skills and getting informed on available structures and authorities to refer to in case of problems. Group sessions are based on the interaction of a number of beneficiaries and the sharing of experiences for drawing conclusions on how to best respond to various life circumstances and on ways to reconcile their personal and social life with their professional one.