NerRaw Project / Photo Exhibition

NerRaw Project / Photo Exhibition

NerRaw Project / Photo Exhibition

Rural Active Women Conversations

Women in the European rural territories work, live, create, innovate, change themselves and change their environment, break the stereotypes that limit them, try to change the image that wrongly characterizes them.

In the framework of NETRAW we prepared a Photo Exhibition, to present the life paths of 12 women and women collectivities from the European rural territories and through their eyes, we are able to see a creative present and future, based on their values, ability to change, cooperation and solidarity. In this exhibition we are eye witnesses of an open, honest and productive dialogue between these women, who act as ambassadors of their territories.

These 12 women and women's collectives, through their portraits, through the course of their lives and their proposals, develop an open and fluent conversation, in pairs, about diversity, wellness, women's cooperation, daring, creativity and women's rights. At the same

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